Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Chocolate Peanut Butter Review


Every protein shake connoisseur understands there are certain recipes and flavor combinations that are more delicious and irresistible than a heavy set of squats. The chocolate and peanut butter protein shake has long been a staple in any gymrat’s repertoire. Often times this involves mixing up whole milk, peanut butter, and chocolate protein in a blender (I like to toss in a banana and spinach too) and voila you’ve got yourself a delicious and nutritious treat for your muscles.

If you’re anything like me sometimes you go on hardcore peanut butter binges and find yourself lacking a critical ingredient for your protein shake. Ordinarily this results in me freaking out like I just saw somebody doing partial reps on squats, but now Optimum Nutrition has created a brilliant fix: they put the peanut butter in the chocolate protein powder with their recent release of Gold Standard 100% Whey Chocolate Peanut Butter.

Protein sample of the year + other awesome samples from the December 2012 packOur members were lucky enough to try some of these awesome protein samples in their December packs and all we’ve heard from them is how awesome it is that the best protein powder just got even tastier. Aside from the taste what is it that makes Optimum’s 100% Whey Gold Standard so awesome? Let’s break down the best selling and most decorated protein powder on the planet:

  • Top quality ingredient profile: Per serving, Gold Standard rocks 24g of whey (mostly whey protein isolates), low levels of fat and carbs, more than 5g of BCAAs, and more than 4g of Glutamine and Glutamic Acids.
  • Insane Mixability: Optimum claims you can mix this protein powder with a spoon without getting clumps. They aren’t kidding. I’ve mixed this in whole milk with a spoon on several occasions and it wasn’t a problem at all. We’re all familiar with the powders that just won’t mix and end up as an undrinkable sludge. Not this one.
  • Aminogen Enzyme Complex: Taking in a bunch of protein powder doesn’t do you any good if your body can’t absorb it. Optimum includes an enzyme complex that helps your body digest and retain the protein more efficiently.The source of Optimum's amazing protein...well kind of
  • Where it comes from: Here’s something that hardly any other supplement company can claim: Optimum is vertically integrated all the way back to the farm. Put more simply, they control every step of the process that goes into making their product. This is hugely important from a quality control standpoint because it means that their product is never put in the hands of somebody else so they can ensure top quality and safety of their product. Independent laboratory testing confirms that what they put on their labels is actually on their products. Click here to check it out.
  • Taste: Even before the release of the chocolate peanut butter flavor Optimum has always had great tasting powders that aren’t too artificial tasting.
  • Price: Gold Standard is very competitively priced, especially when you look at the cost/serving.


Optimum’s latest flavor release is a clear winner and wins our vote for the best overall protein sample we featured in JackedPack in 2012. It’s top quality ingredient profile, mixability, purity, and reasonable price make it a no brainer in terms of your staple protein. More expensive and higher quality powders exist (including their own Platinum Hydrowhey), but this is likely the best bang for your buck.

Missed out on this awesome protein sample and want to try it? Check out our insanely low price on it by clicking HERE.




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